How to Flush an Outboard Engine
You should flush your outboard after every use to protect the cooling system. Here's how to do it.
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MerCruiser Bravo One Output Shaft Replacement
Steps and video on how to change the prop shaft on a MerCruiser Bravo One outdrive.
Outboard Cooling System Maintenance Tips
Engine overheating and outboard cooling system parts failure can be prevented with some simple maintenance and awareness.
Mercury Outboard Fuel System Repairs & Maintenance Video Playlist
Need to make fuel system repairs on a Mercury outboard? Here's a video playlist of fuel system repairs for Mercury outboards.
Outboard Engine Smoke: What Do the Colors Mean?
If your outboard motor is blowing out more than just a little smoke, here are some possible reasons why and what the colors mean.
Fuel-Water Separators vs Fuel Filters
Here's a simple guide to some of the differences between fuel filters and fuel-water separators.
Yamaha Outboard Fuel System Repairs & Maintenance Video Playlist
Our video playlist of fuel system maintenance and repairs for various Yamaha outboard models.
Common Causes of Outboard Water Pump Impeller Failure
Outboard water pump impellers can fail for any number of reasons. Here are some common causes of outboard impeller failure. 
Can a Bent Boat Propeller be Repaired?
A bent boat propeller can be restored, but depending on the damage, sometimes it's better to just buy a new propeller.
Inboard vs Outboard: Which Motor is More Fuel Efficient?
Are inboards more fuel efficient than outboards? Here's a quick guide to fuel efficiency on outboard motors vs inboard motors.



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