Diagnosing a Bad Outboard Thermostat
Got water mixed in with your outboard's engine oil? Before you panic, test out the thermostat(s) to see if that's the problem. Here's how to quickly diagnose a bad outboard thermostat.
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When to Replace an Outboard Thermostat
Knowing when to replace the thermostat(s) on your outboard is crucial to keeping the engine healthy. Here are some tips on what symptoms to look for and when to change the thermostat.
How to Replace a Yamaha F225 Water Pump
Outboard water pumps have impellers that are notoriously fragile and break often. Here's how to replace the water pump on a Yamaha F225 outboard.
How to Replace a Yamaha 90HP Outboard Water Pump
An outboard's water pump has many parts that are prone to regular damage. Here's how to replace a Yamaha outboard water pump.


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