Fuel-Water Separators vs Fuel Filters
Here's a simple guide to some of the differences between fuel filters and fuel-water separators.
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Red Flags to Spot While Shopping for Used Boats
What red flags should you watch out for when shopping for a used boat? Here are ways to spot red flags on a used boat before you invest in one.
Sea Scooters: Things to Know Before You Buy
If you're thinking about buying your first underwater scooter, here are some things we think you should know about sea scooters.
Boat Trailering Essential Parts and Accessories
Boat trailers are made up of many parts and accessories. Here's a guide to some essential boat trailer parts and accessories we think you should know about.
Finding Outboard Serial Numbers Video Playlist
How do you find outboard serial numbers? What about outboard prop sizes? Here's our playlist of videos on how to find outboard parts information.
Boat Propellers Video Playlist
All about boat propellers, including how to find prop dimensions and how to choose between 3-blade and 4-blade props.
How It Works - Outboard Parts Video Playlist
How does an outboard's lower unit work? What about the ignition system or the anodes? Here's a playlist of videos on how several outboard parts work.
6 More Essential Outboard Winterization Products
When preparing your outboard for offseason storage, here are 6 essential products to get the winterization process done right. 
Why SeaStar Front-Mounted Hydraulic Steering Lines Must Be Reversed
It sounds wrong, but reversing the hydraulic lines on a front mount SeaStar steering kit for outboards is the right thing to do. 
Quick Guide to Boat Fender Types
Boat fenders come in different shapes and sizes designed for specific kinds of protection. Here's a quick guide to boat fender types.


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