Essential Maintenance: Water Pump Impeller Replacement
A small plastic part makes a huge difference on your outboard's health. Changing water pump impellers is an essential part of outboard maintenance. Here's why. 
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8 Tips for New Boat Owners
Did you just buy your first boat? Congratulations! Here are 8 tips to help new boat owners make the best out of owning their first boat. 
Wax Your Boat in 5 Steps
Simple 5-step guide to washing and waxing your fiberglass boat for a perfect glossy finish.
Outboard in Water: Tilted Up or Down?
Should you tilt your outboard motor up or down while you leave your boat sitting in water? Here's what we think.
How to Replace a Mercury 40 HP 2-Stroke Water Pump
Steps and video on how to repair the water pump in a Mercury 40HP 2-Stroke outboard motor.
Winterizing a Boat's Fuel Tank Tips
Keep it full or empty? Here are some tips on how to winterize a boat’s fuel tank.
Outboard Engine Covers: Why Get Them
Covers aren't only for boats. Your outboard engine should be protected with a cover too. Here are 3 reasons to buy an outboard motor cover.
Mercury 40HP 2-Stroke Lower Unit Removal
Quick steps and video on how to remove the gearcase from a Mercury 2-Stroke outboard motor in 6 steps.
How to Repack Trailer Wheel Bearings
10 steps to follow for keeping your boat trailer’s wheel bearings safe and maintained.
Outboard Warranty: What Can Void It
How do you service your outboard without voiding the warranty? Here's a guide to how servicing your outboard can affect the warranty.



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