Will a Fiberglass Boat Rot?
Do fiberglass boats rot? Maybe not the fiberglass itself, but there are other types of deterioration to look out for on a fiberglass boat.
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Can You Paint Over a Boat's Gelcoat?
Yes you can, but here are some things you need to know before you paint over a boat's fiberglass gelcoat.
What is Gelcoat and How to Restore It
Gelcoat protects fiberglass boats while giving them their shine. Here's a quick guide to what gelcoat is and how to restore it.
Guide to Marine Epoxy Resin
Marine epoxy resin is the strongest, but it's also the most expensive. Here's a quick guide to epoxy resin for marine use.
Why Wax Your Boat Regularly
Waxing is a standard boat maintenance task that shouldn't be overlooked.  Here are some reasons why you should wax your boat regularly.
A Quick Guide to Marine Resin Types
Which marine resin type is best for the job? Here's a quick guide to polyester, vinylester and epoxy marine resins. 
Quick Maintenance: Fiberglass Gelcoat Restoration
Your boat's once-shiny gelcoat needs some attention! Here's how to restore gelcoat in 3 easy steps. 
Tips for Keeping Gelcoat Looking Like New
Follow these simple maintenance tips to help keep your boat's fiberglass gelcoat looking like new. 
Guide to Choosing Fiberglass Gelcoat Wax
Boat wax and cleaner wax essentially do the same thing, so why the name difference? Here's a guide to choosing the right wax for your fiberglass boat.
Why Polyester Resin is Popular for Boat Repairs
Polyester resin is the most commonly used marine resin for repairing fiberglass boats. Find out more about why polyester is the most popular marine resin. 


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