Kid-Friendly Outboard Maintenance Jobs
Teach your kids how to do basic outboard engine maintenance. Here are 5 easy boat motor maintenance repair jobs for kids.
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How to Replace an Outboard Prop
Ready to do a prop swap? Here's how to remove and install a propeller on your outboard engine, and tips on how to care for a prop.
Quick Maintenance: Changing Outboard Spark Plugs
Changing an outboard motor's spark plugs can be done with even the most basic mechanic skills. Here's how to change the spark plugs on an outboard engine. 
How to Replace Mercury 200 Output Shaft Seals
Step-by-step guide with video on how to replace the output shaft seals in a Mercury outboard motor.
How to Replace Mercury 200 Shift Shaft Seals
Step-by-step walkthrough with video on how to replace the shift shaft seals in a Mercury outboard motor.
How to Replace Mercury Tracker 25 Driveshaft Seals
Follow these steps and video to replace the input shaft seals in a Mercury Tracker 25EL outboard motor.
How to Install Mercury Tracker 25 Lower Unit
Follow this step-by-step guide to reinstall the lower unit onto a Mercury Tracker 25 outboard motor.
Outboard Engine Storage Oil Change Tips
Do you have to change the oil in an outboard engine before putting it away for storage? Yes you do, and here's why.
How to Replace a Mercury 40HP Water Pump
Follow these steps to replace the water pump in a Mercury 40HP outboard motor.
How to Find a Mercury Outboard Serial Number
Need to buy OEM Mercury outboard parts? Here's a simple guide and video on how to find and read a Mercury outboard serial number.



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