Outboard 100-Hour Maintenance & Winterization Checklists
Putting your outboard motor away for the off-season? Follow our comprehensive annual maintenance guide & winterization checklist for outboard motors.
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Outboard Motor Oil: When & How to Change It
Changing the oil in an outboard is one of the most basic yet essential maintenance tasks.  Here's how and when to change an outboard motor's engine oil.
Essential Maintenance: Water Pump Impeller Replacement
A small plastic part makes a huge difference on your outboard's health. Changing water pump impellers is an essential part of outboard maintenance. Here's why. 
Get to Know Your Yamaha Outboard's Fuel Filter System
A bad fuel filter can seriously damage your outboard. Find out why Yamaha outboards have multiple fuel filters and what they're for.
What to Do About Outboard No-Start Problems
When your outboard won’t start, follow these tips to troubleshoot your motor's  no-start problem.
Quick Outboard Troubleshooting Tips
Got an outboard that won't start or run? Try these quick troubleshooting tips to get your outboard engine going again.
How to Replace a Mercury 40 HP 2-Stroke Water Pump
Steps and video on how to repair the water pump in a Mercury 40HP 2-Stroke outboard motor.
Outboard Warranty: What Can Void It
How do you service your outboard without voiding the warranty? Here's a guide to how servicing your outboard can affect the warranty.
How to Change Outboard External Anodes
About as easy of an outboard maintenance job as it gets: changing outboard external anodes.
How to Replace Mercury 40HP 4-Stroke Input Shaft Seals
Steps and video on how to replace the input shaft oil seals in a Mercury 40HP 4-stroke outboard.


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