6 Common Causes of Outboard Vibration
Outboard motor vibrations can be caused by several things, mostly related to basic maintenance. Here are 6 common causes of outboard engine vibrations. 
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Can a Bent Boat Propeller be Repaired?
A bent boat propeller can be restored, but depending on the damage, sometimes it's better to just buy a new propeller.
Boat Propellers Video Playlist
All about boat propellers, including how to find prop dimensions and how to choose between 3-blade and 4-blade props.
Common Causes of Boat Breakdowns
The most common causes of boat breakdowns are often the simplest things. Here are some common causes of boat breakdowns and what to do about them.
Outboard Won’t Run at Correct Speed: Troubleshooting
Having acceleration problems with your outboard engine? Here are a few things to check for troubleshooting outboard speed problems.
Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel Props
With so many propeller options available, which material is better: aluminum or stainless steel? Find out the differences between aluminum and stainless steel props here. 
Why You Should Always Keep a Spare Prop
Choosing a spare prop? Don’t forget the tools and spare parts needed to change your prop out on the water.
3 Blade Propellers vs 4 Blade Propellers
What’s the difference between a 3-blade prop and a 4-blade prop? Is one better than the other? Find out here.
How to Find Prop Size Dimensions
Guide to finding boat-outboard propeller size dimensions by manufacturer, including Solas, Evinrude and Mercury Marine.
Why the WOT RPM Test is Important
What the WOT RPM test is and why it's so important to an outboard or sterndrive motor.


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