Why Get a Hydrofoil Fin for Your Outboard
Thinking about getting a hydrofoil for your outboard engine to enhance its performance? Here's a quick guide to outboard hydrofoil stabilizers.
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Why SeaStar Front-Mounted Hydraulic Steering Lines Must Be Reversed
It sounds wrong, but reversing the hydraulic lines on a front mount SeaStar steering kit for outboards is the right thing to do. 
Troubleshooting Boat Hydraulic Steering Systems
Hydraulic steering systems don't cause many problems, but when they do, it's an easy fix. Here's how to troubleshoot common boat hydraulic steering system problems.
How to Install SeaStar Hydraulic Steering System
Simple guide on how to install a SeaStar hydraulic steering system for your boat. 
Boat Hydraulic Steering System Maintenance Tips
Maintaining a hydraulic steering system is pretty straightforward. Here are some simple tips for hydraulic steering system maintenance.
Yamaha Rigging Guide
What is rigging and how to choose the rigging for your boat using the Yamaha Rigging Guide
5 DIY Boat Improvement Projects
Want to make a few simple and inexpensive do-it-yourself improvements to your boat? Here are 5 DIY projects you can do to make your boat better. 
Tips for Upgrading Runabout Boats
Just because it's a runabout, doesn't mean it can't use a little something extra. Here are some tips for upgrading a runabout boat. 
Multiflex Cables vs Standard Cables Test
Guide to comparing Multiflex control cables for boats against standard cables.
Hydraulic Steering: Reasons to Upgrade
Is a hydraulic steering system upgrade for your boat worth the investment? Here are 3 ways hydraulic steering can correct common mechanical steering problems.


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