Hydraulic Steering: Reasons to Upgrade
Is a hydraulic steering system upgrade for your boat worth the investment? Here are 3 ways hydraulic steering can correct common mechanical steering problems.
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Tips for Using Muriatic Acid to Clean a Hull
Muriatic acid should only be used as a last resort to clean a fiberglass boat hull. Here are 9 tips to get it done safely. 
Why Choose Teak Wood for Your Deck
A teak deck might be expensive, but so is owning a boat! Here are 4 reasons you should get a teak deck for your boat.
Tips for Making Watertight Electrical Connections on a Boat
Want to avoid electrical failures on your boat? Follow these tips to make sure your electrical connections are watertight. 
Diagnosing a Bad Outboard Thermostat
Got water mixed in with your outboard's engine oil? Before you panic, test out the thermostat(s) to see if that's the problem. Here's how to quickly diagnose a bad outboard thermostat.
8 Tips for Naming Your Boat
Stuck on trying to find a good name for your boat? Need a little inspiration? Here are some tips for naming your boat. 
Boat Trailer Painting Tips
Painting your boat's trailer might make it look good, but the real purpose is to protect it from the elements. Here are some tips for painting your boat's trailer.
Mercury 4-stroke Outboard Spring Maintenance Checklist
Get your boat's Mercury 4-stroke outboard ready for spring boating season by running through our spring maintenance checklist.
Boat Wax vs Car Wax: Why the Difference Matters
Boat wax and car wax are the same right? Wrong. Find out why you shouldn't use car wax on a boat just to save a few bucks. 
Yamaha 4-stroke Outboard Spring Maintenance Checklist
Is your outboard ready for spring boating season? Run through our Yamaha 4-stroke outboard spring maintenance checklist before getting your boat back on the water.


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