Yamaha F225 Input Shaft Seal Replacement
See how to replace the upper gearcase seals, also called input shaft seals, on a Yamaha F225TXRC outboard.
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Mercury 115HP Outboard Spark Plug Change
Follow our step-by-step guide on how to do a quick spark plugs change on a Mercury 115HP outboard.
Mercury 20HP Outboard Oil Change
Grab some oil, a filter and a couple of tools and get the oil changed on your Mercury 20 outboard in minutes! Here's how to do it.
Mercury 200XL Verado Lower Unit Oil Change
Changing the lower unit gear lube on your outboard is just as important as changing the engine oil. Here's how to do it on a Mercury Verado 200XL outboard.
Basic Outboard Rigging Maintenance
These easy tasks is all it takes to do some very basic, but very necessary outboard rigging maintenance 
Removing a Corroded Bearing Housing from a Yamaha Outboard
When a screwdriver alone won't do, here are three methods to removing a corroded input shaft bearing housing from a Yamaha outboard.
How to Winterize a 2-stroke Outboard Motor
Putting your outboard motor in storage for a while? Winter or not, you need to winterize your outboard before putting it away. Here's how to do it on a Mercury 2-stroke outboard. 
How to Winterize a 4-stroke Outboard Motor
Before you put your 4-stroke outboard motor away for season, follow these winterizing tips to protect it while in storage.
How to Pressure Test Yamaha F225 Lower Unit
Need to make sure all of the seals in the bottom of your outboard are holding? Do a pressure test to find out. Here's how to do one on a Yamaha F225 outboard.
Troubleshooting an Outboard Lower Unit
Having problems with the lower unit on your outboard? Here are some outboard lower unit troubleshooting tips and videos to help you find and fix the problem. 

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