Outboard Gearcase Lube Changes: The Basics
Lower unit oil changes are an easy do-it-yourself outboard maintenance task. Here are the basics of changing outboard gearcase lube.
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Yamaha Outboard Oil Changes Video Playlist
Need to do oil changes for your Yamaha outboard engine? Here's a playlist of lower unit and engine oil changes for Yamaha outboards.
Finding Outboard Serial Numbers Video Playlist
How do you find outboard serial numbers? What about outboard prop sizes? Here's our playlist of videos on how to find outboard parts information.
How to Tell If an Outboard Fuel Pump is Bad
How can you tell if the fuel pump on your outboard engine has gone bad? Here are some ways to test the fuel pump on an outboard motor.
Outboard Maintenance Costs
Owning an outboard motor doesn't come cheap. Find out about some basic outboard maintenance costs here.
How to Test an Outboard Regulator-Rectifier
Got problems with your outboard's regulator-rectifier? Here are a few simple tests to diagnose whether your motor's regulator-rectifier is faulty.
How to Compression Test a Yamaha 60 Outboard
How to do a compression test for a Yamaha outboard engine and what the test results mean.
How to Replace a Yamaha 60HP Outboard Timing Belt
A Yamaha outboard timing belt should be changed every 3-4 years. Here's how to replace the timing belt on a Yamaha 60HP outboard.
How to Replace Yamaha 60 Outboard Water Pump
Step-by-step guide and video on how to repair the water pump in a Yamaha 60 outboard motor. 
How to Replace Yamaha 60HP Outboard Output Seals
How to replace the output (prop) seals on a Yamaha 60HP outboard motor. 


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