5 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency on Your Boat
Tips for improving the fuel efficiency on your boat. Reduce your boat's fuel consumption by doing these five things.
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Boat Canvas Maintenance Tips
Regular maintenance of your boat's top or canvas can make it last for a decade or two. Here are some easy boat canvas maintenance tips.
Differences Between Outboards and Sterndrives
Is an outboard motor better than a sterndrive motor? Here's a guide to the differences between outboard and sterndrive boat engines.
How to Block a Boat Safely
Blocking a boat safely isn't difficult, but it does require some precision. Here are some tips on how to safely block a boat.
Mooring, Docking, Berthing & Anchoring Explained
Is there really a difference between mooring and docking? Or docking and berthing? Find out here. 
How an Outboard Engine Works
An outboard engine works more or less like a car engine, but modified for vertical mounting and marine conditions. Here's a guide to how an outboard motor works.
Troubleshooting Boat Hydraulic Steering Systems
Hydraulic steering systems don't cause many problems, but when they do, it's an easy fix. Here's how to troubleshoot common boat hydraulic steering system problems.
Quick Guide to Sealants for Rebedding Deck Hardware
Re-bedding the deck hardware on your boat? Here's a quick guide to marine sealants for rebedding boat deck hardware.
Below Waterline Thru Hull Fittings Guide
A simple guide with tips on using below the waterline thru hull fittings for a boat.
What is Gelcoat and How to Restore It
Gelcoat protects fiberglass boats while giving them their shine. Here's a quick guide to what gelcoat is and how to restore it.


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