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When your Evinrude outboard isn't running right and is in need of repairs, has the replacement Evinrude parts to get it running like new again. We also have the OEM Evinrude parts and accessories you need to service and tune your outboard and keep it performing at its peak.

Why Use OEM Evinrude Outboard Parts?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and your outboard is only as reliable as its weakest part. Sure you can use aftermarket parts when you service or repair your Evinrude but you'll be weakening your outboard. With genuine OEM Evinrude parts you get the manufacturing precision of the BRP Evinrude factory that ensures your OEM parts are built to the required quality and standard. This means OEM Evinrude outboard parts have the longevity that aftermarket parts can't match and are guaranteed to fit your Evinrude engine, which can also be a bit of a lottery with aftermarket items.

Finding Evinrude Parts

Finding the parts you need is simply on our easy-to-navigate website. In a couple of clicks you'll be browsing hundreds of OEM Evinrude parts that are a perfect match for your motor. You can search for parts either by your outboard's HP or by the year it was manufactured. You'll also need to know your outboard's model number. Determining your Evinrude's horsepower is easy because it is written on the engine cover, but to find the year of manufacture and model number you'll need to look at the identification label attached to the motor's transom bracket. It's a good idea to write these down and keep them for future reference. Now you have the information you need select your outboard's HP or year, then select your motor's model number. This will take you to the parts page for that precise model and you can browse the hundreds of OEM Evinrude parts that will fit your outboard perfectly. There are exploded Evinrude parts diagrams to help you locate the parts you need but if for whatever reason you don't see what you're looking for call us or use the Live Chat button on our site and one of our expert service technicians will be more than happy to help you find the parts you need.