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Did you know that when parts get worn in your outboard it will lose some of its power? Losing a couple of horsepower in an Evinrude 150 HP outboard might not be noticeable, but losing just half a horsepower in your Evinrude 1.2 HP outboard could account for almost 50% of its total power! If you lose that much performance you won't even be able to stir your coffee with your outboard, let alone power through the water!

A regular service, changing the oil, transmission lube, spark plug, air and fuel filters can help keep an outboard in top shape, and replacing any worn parts in the engine will definitely keep its horsepower at the maximum. If you shop for replacement Evinrude outboard parts at you'll not only be keeping your outboard in peak condition, you'll also be saving money because we discount all our OEM Evinrude parts by up to 80% below MSRP! Browse the thousands of genuine Evinrude 1.2 HP outboard motor parts we carry in stock for all 1.2 HP models. Start shopping and make big savings on OEM Evinrude Johnson parts.