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Some folks go out and spend big money on a gas-powered trolling motor. Ha! The fools! You and I know that gas-powered outboards make way too much noise and scare away the fish. But your little Evinrude 12 volt outboard trolling motor... Electric motors are virtually silent and that lets you creep up right over the prime fishing spots doesn't it?

Sadly Evinrude stopped making these wonderful little 12-volt outboards many years ago, so you'd better look after yours if you want to keep using if for many more years to come. Thankfully maintaining a 12-volt trolling motor is simple. All you need is a couple of hours one weekend, some basic tools and a handful of OEM Evinrude 12 volt outboard parts. You supply the time and the tools, can supply the genuine Evinrude parts. Browse our online catalog of OEM Evinrude Johnson outboard parts and make the most of the discount prices on all OEM Evinrude motor parts. Shop now and save!