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Ever heard the saying "costs a dollar to save a dime"? It applies to people who cut corners to try and save a small bit of money and in doing so end up having to pay a lot more money in the long run. A good example of this is anyone who skips changing the engine oil in their outboard. It might save $20 but failing to regularly change the engine oil prematurely wears the motor and will result in far more costly repairs of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

At you'll find the genuine Evinrude 155 HP outboard parts you may need to repair your motor, but you'll also find all the essential accessories such as engine and transmission oils, marine greases and lubricants that are a part of servicing and maintaining your outboard. We carry thousands of OEM Evinrude Johnson parts and accessories all heavily discounted. Shop today and enjoy fast shipping direct to your door.