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Just because it's small doesn't mean you can neglect regularly servicing your Evinrude 2.3 HP outboard. You may think that because you only use it for gently cruising and trolling that it doesn't need to be serviced as regularly as a big 150 HP outboard, but if you don't service your little 2.3 HP Evinrude it'll lose power and not perform at its best. Let's face it your Evinrude 2.3 HP motor can't afford to lose any power or it'll have none left at all, but you can afford to service it with genuine Evinrude outboard parts if you shop at because we heavily discount all our OEM Evinrude parts.

Browse the hundreds of Evinrude 2.3 HP outboard parts in our online inventory (we also carry parts for all other sizes of Evinrude outboard) and make the most of the warehouse pricing. Also check out our shipping policy to learn how your order can ship for free. is the #1 source for genuine Evinrude outboard parts and accessories.