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Just because it's smaller than its 100 HP, 200 HP and 300 HP big brothers, your little Evinrude 2.5 HP outboard needs to be serviced and maintained just as regularly as those big motors. Any engine that isn't serviced will begin to wear and lose power, which is something a 2.5 HP outboard can't afford to do. Lose any power from your Evinrude 2.5 HP and it won't have enough power to stir your coffee, let alone spin a propeller!

At we carry thousands of OEM Evinrude 2.5 HP outboard parts and heavily discount all of them by between 15% and 80% below retail price. Use the exploded parts diagrams to see how everything fits together and identify the Evinrude parts you need, and with your order completed we'll ship your parts direct to your door. If you have questions or need help use the Live Chat button on our website or call us and one of our epic service team will be happy to assist you.