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Why is it that you only service the engine in your car or truck once a year or so, but you're expected to service your outboard much more frequently? Because your automobile's engine spends most of the time running at about 20% or 30% of it's full potential, while your outboard spends most of the time running at wide open throttle. Your auto's engine isn't encountering as much wear when it's running at 2,500 RPM, but your outboard is taking a hammering from constantly running at WOT.

If you want your outboard to last as you expect your automobile's engine to last, you'd better service it regularly and replace any worn parts. We can help you there because we stock thousands of genuine Evinrude 20 HP outboard parts for every 20 HP model. All our OEM Evinrude parts are heavily discounted and come with our unbeatable price match guarantee. Why pay retail price elsewhere when you can pay the discount price for your replacement Evinrude outboard parts and Evinrude Johnson parts?