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Some people go and spend a lot of money on a brand new gas-powered trolling motor. Why do folks do that? Surely everyone knows that gas-powered outboards make a lot of noise, which scares away the fish. But your electrically powered Evinrude 24 volt outboard trolling motor is a different story. Electric motors are almost silent and that lets you get your boat right over the prime fishing spots. An Evinrude electric trolling motor gives you the lovely unfair advantage!

It's a shame that Evinrude stopped making these great little 24-volt outboards years ago, so you'd better keep yours well maintained and in good condition if you want it to last for many more years to come. Thankfully maintaining a 24-volt trolling motor is easy and all you need are a few basic tools and a few OEM Evinrude 24 volt outboard parts from You supply the tools and we'll supply you with the genuine Evinrude parts you need. Browse our extensive online stock of OEM Evinrude outboard motor parts and make the most of the deep discount prices we apply to all our OEM Evinrude parts and accessories.