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You know your Evinrude outboard is a 4.5 HP model because it's written large on the engine cover, but you're not sure which exact model it is. This is something you need to know when you're buying replacement parts because if you buy parts for the wrong model they probably won't fit your engine. To find out your Evinrude 4.5 HP outboard's model number you need to look at the identification label that's attached to the transom bracket. This will tell you the model number and you should write it down in case you need it in the future.

Now you know your model number, select if from the list on this page to access the Evinrude 4.5 HP outboard parts page for that precise model. You'll see that all our OEM Evinrude motor parts are discounted between 15% and 80% below retail so you can stock up on what you need without emptying your wallet.