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You need new parts for your Evinrude outboard but you're not sure what size and model your motor is. How can you find the right replacement parts for your outboard? At we make it easy. First you'll need your Evinrude's size. That's easy to find because it's the big number on the engine cover. Right now you're on the Evinrude 45 HP outboard page of our website, so if your motor isn't a 45 unit go back to the main Evinrude page. From here select your 45 HP outboard's model number. If you don't know your model number don't worry, you can find it on the identification label that's stuck on the engine's transom bracket. Now you know your model number select it and you'll be taken to the OEM Evinrude 45 HP outboard parts page for your exact engine. From there use the exploded parts diagrams to locate the genuine Evinrude outboard parts you need and we'll ship your order direct to your door.