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50172S 1971E50BELETB 1993E50ESLEUR 1997
50173S 1971E50DGTLAGA - AG ModelE50PL4EES 1999
50202C 1972E50DGTLAGB - AG ModelE50PL4SIR 2001
50203C 1972E50DGTLAGC - AG ModelE50PL4SSC 2000
50272C 1972E50DGTLAGD - AG ModelE50RNLIA 1990
50273C 1972E50DGTLAGF - AG ModelE50RNLIB 1992
50302R 1973E50DPGLAGA - AG ModelE50TELCCS 1988
50303R 1973E50DPGLAGB - AG ModelE50TELCDE 1986
50372R 1973E50DPGLAGC - AG ModelE50TELCEC 1989
50373R 1973E50DPGLAGD - AG ModelE50TELCOB 1985
50442M 1974E50DPGLAGF - AG ModelE50TELCRM 1984
50443M 1974E50DPLAAA - AA ModelE50TELCTA 1983
50472M 1974E50DPLABA - AB ModelE50TELCUD 1987
50473M 1974E50DPLAFA - AF ModelE50TELEIA 1991
50542B 1975E50DPLAFB - AF ModelE50TELENM 1992
50543B 1975E50DPLAGA - AG ModelE50TELEOD 1995
50572B 1975E50DPLIIS 2011E50TELERE 1994
50573B 1975E50DPLINC 2012E50TELESR 1990
50902C 1979E50DPLISD 2010E50TELETB 1993
50903C 1979E50DPLISF 2010E50TLCCS 1988
BE50BEEDS 1996E50DPLSCB 2008E50TLCDE 1986
BE50BELEDS 1996E50DPLSDA 2006E50TLCEC 1989
BE50DTLEDC 1996E50DPLSEE 2009E50TLCOB 1985
BE50DTLEUR 1997E50DPLSOR 2005E50TLCRM 1984
BE50ESECC 1998E50DPLSRC 2004E50TLCUD 1987
BE50RLECR 1998E50DPLSUM 2007E50TLECR 1998
BE50RLEUC 1997E50DRMLAFA - AF ModelE50TLEDS 1996
BE50TLECR 1998E50DRMLAFB - AF ModelE50TLEIA 1991
BE50TLEDS 1996E50DSLAAA - AA ModelE50TLENJ 1992
BE50TLEUC 1997E50DSLABA - AB ModelE50TLENM 1992
BE50TSLECC 1998E50DSLAFA - AF ModelE50TLEOD 1995
BE50TSLEUS 1997E50DSLAFB - AF ModelE50TLERE 1994
E40WREES 1999E50DSLAGA - AG ModelE50TLESR 1990
E50BECCS 1988E50DSLAGB - AG ModelE50TLETB 1993
E50BECDE 1986E50DSLAGC - AG ModelE50TLETF 1993
E50BECEC 1989E50DSLAGD - AG ModelE50TLEUC 1997
E50BECIC 1981E50DSLAGF - AG ModelE50TSLECC 1998
E50BECNR 1982E50DSLIIA 2011E50TSLEUS 1997
E50BECOB 1985E50DSLINM 2012E50TTLECA 1998
E50BECRM 1984E50DSLISF 2010E50TTLEDC 1996
E50BECTA 1983E50DSLISR 2010E50TTLEOS 1995
E50BECUD 1987E50DSLSCS 2008E50TTLEUR 1997
E50BEEIA 1991E50DSLSEC 2009SE50TLEDS 1996
E50BEENJ 1992E50DTLAAA - AA ModelTE50TLCEC 1989
E50BEENM 1992E50DTLABA - AB ModelTE50TLESF 1989
E50BEEOD 1995E50DTLAFA - AF ModelTE50TLESF 1990
E50BEERE 1994E50DTLAFB - AF ModelTE50TLESR 1990
E50BEESR 1990E50DTLAGA - AG ModelVE50BEEIA 1991
E50BEETB 1993E50DTLECA 1998VE50BEENJ 1992
E50BELCCS 1988E50DTLEDC 1996VE50BEENM 1992
E50BELCDE 1986E50DTLEOS 1995VE50BEESR 1990
E50BELCEC 1989E50DTLEUR 1997VE50BEETB 1993
E50BELEIA 1991E50ECSR 1980VE50TLEIA 1991
E50BELENJ 1992E50ELCSR 1980VE50TLENJ 1992
E50BELENM 1992E50ELED 1996VE50TLENM 1992
E50BELEOD 1995E50ELEOS 1995VE50TLESR 1990
E50BELERE 1994E50ELEUR 1997VE50TLETB 1993
E50BELESR 1990E50ESLECC 1998VE50TLETF 1993

The Evinrude 50 HP outboard has been an incredibly popular outboard over the years and Evinrude Johnson have made quite a few different specifications and variations of their venerable 50 HP motor during that time. This means that when the time comes for you to buy replacement Evinrude 50 HP outboard parts you're going to need to know your motor's model number or you might end up getting parts that although made for an Evinrude 50 HP motor, won't actually fit your outboard.

Finding your Evinrude outboard's size is easy - it's the big number on the side of the engine cover. But finding the model number is a bit more involved. The model number is found on an identification label that is attached to the motor's transom bracket. Make a note of it and keep it for future reference. Now you know your outboard's model number you can select it on the list on this page to access the parts page specifically for your model. There you will find hundreds of OEM Evinrude outboard parts at deep discount prices. Pick the Evinrude parts you need and we'll ship your order direct to your door. Buying genuine Evinrude Johnson outboard parts has never been so easy!