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What's not to love about the Evinrude 60 HO outboard motor? Evinrude uses the HO designation for its high output engines and the 60 HO motor has been tuned by Evinrude to deliver additional horsepower and torque, which translates into additional acceleration and speed out on the water. Nice.

Of course being a highly tuned machine the Evinrude 60 H.O. (Inline 3-Cylinder, 1.3 L) outboard does need regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure it's running at its maximum potential, but servicing an outboard is easy and if you buy your replacement parts from it's inexpensive too. We discount every OEM Evinrude motor part we sell by as much as 80% below retail price and back this up with an unbeatable price match guarantee. Browse the thousands of genuine Evinrude 60 HO outboard parts we have in stock and once your order is complete we'll ship it directly to your door for your convenience. Shop for replacement Evinrude outboard parts and enjoy big savings.