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Yes, still has parts for your vintage 88 Special Evinrude outboard! The 88s are the same as the 90 hp engines, except without oil injection. These Evinrude 88 engines have a reputation as highly reliable, but we have heard they are thirsty for fuel. We trust that your Evinrude 88 will never let you down as long as you take care of it with regular service and genuine OEM parts. It's easy to find parts for your Evinrude 88 HP outboard. Did you know that BRP made these cross-charged V-4 motors using the same block for the 88s, 90s, and 115s?

At, we are made up of outdoor and marine enthusiasts who are as passionate about playing as we are about repairing. So, when it comes time to take care of your Evinrude 88 Special, let us help you out. Our low price match guarantee and fast direct shipping will get you on your way. If you have repair or how to questions - be sure to check out Evinrude outboard parts forums. Ask one of our live chat agents for assistance or check out help center for more details.