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Do you need just one part to get you back out there, or are you going to need a whole bunch of parts to rebuild this old engine? has the 1974 Evinrude outboard parts you need to keep this old engine running season after season, and they're all at the discount prices that come with all our OEM Evinrude parts.

An old engine can take a little more work, but that's okay. An engine like this is almost like an heirloom, especially if it's been with you since the beginning. When it gets you out on the water, you can feel how it's the gateway to a new type of freedom. So get those parts you need here, and if you can't find them we've got a customer service team who knows about engines like yours, and you can reach them on the live chat here and on the phone if you need a hand.

Keep that old engine running. They really don't make them like they used to. Stay on top of the maintenance, do those fixes, and keep it out on the water for as long as you can. We'll give you the help you need and get you the parts you need, so let's get to work.