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Your old Evinrude Johnson outboard still runs but it's not the powerhouse it once was. The years have taken a toll and sapped some of the unit's horsepower, which you'd like to try and get back. That shouldn't be a problem; replacing the old worn parts with new Evinrude outboard motor parts should restore much of its performance for a fraction of the price of buying a new motor. But before you jump feet first into the website, you'll need to make sure you know your outboard's year of manufacture and its model number. Evinrude Johnson made a massive number of outboard variants over the years and if you buy replacement parts designed for a different spec engine they won't fit your motor. To find out your outboard's year and model number take a look at the label on the transom bracket. Evinrude puts a manufacturer label on all it's out boards that includes the year of manufacture, model number and serial number. Now you know those details you can find your outboard on the website.

The page you're on right now is home to every 1991 Evinrude outboard model. If your motor was not manufactured in 1991, return to the main Evinrude page. Assuming your motor was produced in 1991 let's carry on... Next look for your outboard's horsepower from the list on this page and under the horsepower you should find your outboard's model number. Once you select the model number you'll be taken to the parts page with all the Evinrude outboard motor parts for your exact model. Happy shopping!