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H5013 A2-A VIN# FAHA-1100001 TO FAHA-2099999H5518 A2-D VIN# TZAC-3500001 TO TZAC-3599999H5518 NA4-C VIN# TZAC-2500001 TO TZAC-3499999
H5013 A2-B VIN# FAHA-2100001 TO FAHA-3099999H5518 A4-A VIN# TZAC-1000001 TO TZAC-1999999H5518 NA4-D VIN# TZAC-3500001 TO TZAC-3599999
H5013 A2-C VIN# FAHA-3100001 TO FAHA-4099999H5518 A4-B VIN# TZAC-2000001 TO TZAC-2499999H5518 NAC2-A VIN# TZAC-3500001 TO TZAC-3599999
H5013 A2-D VIN# FAHA-4100001 TO FAHA-4299999H5518 A4-C VIN# TZAC-2500001 TO TZAC-3499999H5518 NAC2-B VIN# TZAC-3600001
H5013 A4-A VIN# FAHA-1100001 TO FAHA-2099999H5518 A4-D VIN# TZAC-3500001 TO TZAC-3599999H5518 NAC4-A VIN# TZAC-3500001 TO TZAC-3599999
H5013 A4-B VIN# FAHA-2100001 TO FAHA-3099999H5518 AC2-A VIN# TZAC-3500001 TO TZAC-3599999H5518 NAC4-B VIN# TZAC-3600001
H5013 A4-C VIN# FAHA-3100001 TO FAHA-4099999H5518 AC2-B VIN# TZAC-3600001MK5218 A MOUNTING KIT - TO INSTALL H5013 46" CUTTER DECK ONTO H5518 VIN# RZBR-1200001
H5013 A4-D VIN# FAHA-4100001 TO FAHA-4299999H5518 AC4-A VIN# TZAC-3500001 TO TZAC-3599999MM46 A MID-MOUNT MOWER VIN# RAB-0000001
H5013 AC2-A VIN# FAHA-4100001 TO FAHA-4299999H5518 AC4-B VIN# TZAC-3600001MM46D A MID-MOUNT MOWER
H5013 AC2-B VIN# FAHA-4300001H5518 NA2-A VIN# TZAC-1000001 TO TZAC-1999999MM46K1 A 46" MID-MOUNT MOWER
H5013 AC4-A VIN# FAHA-4100001 TO FAHA-4299999H5518 NA2-B VIN# TZAC-2000001 TO TZAC-2499999MM52 A 52" MID-MOUNT MOWER
H5013 AC4-B VIN# FAHA-4300001H5518 NA2-C VIN# TZAC-2500001 TO TZAC-3499999RLK5000 A REAR HYDRAULIC LIFT KIT & 3-POINT HITCH VIN# RZBC-1100001
H5518 A2-A VIN# TZAC-1000001 TO TZAC-1999999H5518 NA2-D VIN# TZAC-3500001 TO TZAC-3599999RT5000 A VIN# FA2A-5000033
H5518 A2-B VIN# TZAC-2000001 TO TZAC-2499999H5518 NA4-A VIN# TZAC-1000001 TO TZAC-1999999 
H5518 A2-C VIN# TZAC-2500001 TO TZAC-3499999H5518 NA4-B VIN# TZAC-2000001 TO TZAC-2499999 

Back in the 1990's Honda produced a couple of multi-purpose tractors, the 5518, 5013 and RT5000, each of which had multiple variants. Sadly Honda no longer makes these supremely versatile machines, so if you're lucky enough to own one of have seen one for sale in the local classifieds, you're going to have to look after it because a replacement model isn't an option. Thankfully Honda still manufactures all the OEM multi-purpose tractor parts to service and maintain these machines in peak condition.

Do I Have A Garden Tractor or A Subcompact?

Tractor lawn mowers are referred to by many names, including garden tractor, subcompact tractor and yard tractor. So which is yours? Effectively it all boils down to size, but there are no concrete definitions or rules and over the years the general classifications have changed as the machines have got bigger and more powerful. What was considered a subcompact tractor 20 years ago might now be seen as a yard tractor. One thing we can clear up is that a garden tractor and a yard tractor are exactly the same, so that's one less thing to worry about. Garden/yard tractors are smaller than subcompact tractors and not as powerful. When Honda's multi-purpose tractors were introduced they were considered subcompact tractors because their 18-horsepower engines and 550-pound lifting capacity was much greater than yard/garden tractors of the time. But by today's standards the Honda multi-purpose tractor would be classed as a yard/garden tractor.

However, whatever class of tractor your Honda falls into, as long as you know the model number you'll be able to find the right Honda power equipment OEM parts. From this page of our website you will find our OEM Honda subcompact tractor parts, which include all of Honda's multi-purpose tractors, but we also stock Honda Lawn Tractor Parts for smaller lawn mowers.

Honda Multi-Purpose Subcompact Tractor Parts has thousands of OEM Honda multi-purpose tractor parts, including Honda 5518 parts, Honda RT5000 parts and Honda 5013 tractor parts for all the variants of those three model lines. Select your model number to be taken to the parts page for that exact machine and from there you'll find hundreds of parts and useful exploded parts diagrams to help you pinpoint the Honda subcompact tractor parts you need.

All our OEM multi-purpose tractor parts are heavily discounted and come with our price match guarantee and we offer free shipping on qualifying orders. Shop for Honda tractor parts today and make the most of our unbeatable prices.