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Honda made many different models of outboard motor in 2000. Although some share common parts, unless you buy Honda marine parts specifically for your model of motor, there's no guarantee they will fit. Honda put an ID number plate on all its outboards near to or on the stern bracket, but sometimes wear and tear over the years causes them to come off. If the ID plate on your 2000 outboard has gone AWOL don't worry about it, instead you can use our Reference Chart on this page to work out your motor's ID number.

The Honda ID system is quirky but simple. Every ID number starts with BF and then consists of the engine size, the year of manufacture, shaft length, steering system, additional features (starter or tilt and trim) and market it was built for. So a 75 hp motor manufactured in 2000, with a 20" shaft, remote control steering and tilt and trim that was made for the US market would have an ID number of BF75AY LRTA, as you can see from our Reference Chart. Once you know your outboard's ID number you can head to the 2000 Honda outboard parts page for that model. There you'll find thousands of OEM Honda outboard motor parts at low discount prices for your outboard. Shop for Honda outboard parts now!