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Need parts for your 2001 Honda outboard but not sure what model it is? Don't worry; we're here to help. It's important to know your outboard's model number because even if two motors have the same engine size, there's no guarantee the parts for one will be compatible with the other. Always buy 2001 Honda outboard parts that match your outboard's exact model.

Honda has its own system for outboard identification, which includes a list of letters and numbers. There should be a plate affixed on or near to the stern bracket of your outboard with the ID number for the motor, but if that is no longer there you can use our Reference Chart on this page to determine your outboard's ID number. For example a Honda 25 hp engine manufactured in 2001, with a 15-inch shaft, throttle grip and electric start that was manufactured for the US market would have an ID number of BF25A1 LHSA (the first two letters of all Honda outboard ID numbers are BF).

Now you know your ID number you are just a click or two away from thousands of 2007 Honda marine parts for your outboard. Select your model from this page to be taken to the correct page for Honda outboard parts and accessories that will be a perfect fit with your outboard.