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If your boat isn't getting on plane as quickly as it should or if you're struggling to get on plane at all it's probably the outboard that's pushing it. If your outboard isn't well maintained and serviced when the owner manual tells you, it's going to lose a few horsepower, under perform and leave your boat dredging through the water instead of skimming over the surface.

If you're new to owning a boat or servicing a Honda outboard, don't panic. The basic service and maintenance work necessary to keep your motor in peak condition is simple enough. All you need are a few basic tools and you can easily change the spark plug, drain the oil and switch out the oil filter, and change the fuel filter in under an hour. Even more advanced jobs such as replacing a water pump is well within your skill set and can help you. By using the exploded Honda outboard parts diagrams on our website you will see how the components fit together. We also offer step-by-step tutorial videos on our YouTube channel that walk you through many basic and advanced service procedures. Don't forget to pick up all the 2007 Honda outboard parts you'll need while you're here, our OEM Honda marine parts are heavily discounted and come with our price match guarantee! Together we can restore your Honda outboard to its peak potential.