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150TL78S 1978J150ICXEUC 1997J150TXCDC 1986
150TL79C 1979J150ILECR 1998J150TXCEM 1989
150TXL78S 1978J150ILEUC 1997J150TXCIA 1981
150TXL79C 1979J150IXEUC 1997J150TXCIH 1981
BJ150ELECD 1998J150JPLEES 1999J150TXCNM 1982
BJ150ELEDB 1996J150JPLSIF 2001J150TXCOS 1985
BJ150ELEUC 1997J150JPLSSC 2000J150TXCRD 1984
BJ150ELEUE 1997J150MLSOR 2005J150TXCSF 1980
BJ150EXECD 1998J150MLSRC 2004J150TXCSR 1980
BJ150EXEDB 1996J150MLSTS 2003J150TXCTB 1983
BJ150EXEUC 1997J150MXSOR 2005J150TXCTE 1983
BJ150EXEUE 1997J150MXSRC 2004J150TXCUR 1987
BJ150GLECD 1998J150MXSSD 2000J150TXEIE 1991
BJ150GLEDB 1996J150MXSTS 2003J150TXESB 1990
BJ150GLEUC 1997J150NXARC 1994J150VCSSS 2000
BJ150GLEUE 1997J150NXARV 1994J150VCXSIF 2001
BJ150NXECD 1998J150NXATG 1993J150VLSIF 2001
BJ150NXEDB 1996J150NXATS 1993J150VLSNF 2002
BJ150NXEUC 1997J150NXECD 1998J150VLSSS 2000
BJ150NXEUE 1997J150NXEDB 1996J150VXSIF 2001
J150CXCCA 1988J150NXEIS 1991J150VXSSS 2000
J150CXCEM 1989J150NXENC 1992J150WPLEES 1999
J150CXEES 1999J150NXEOM 1995J150WPLSIF 2001
J150CXEIE 1991J150NXERA 1994J150WPLSSC 2000
J150CXESB 1990J150NXERV 1994J150WTLEOR 1995
J150CXSDE 2003J150NXETG 1993J150WTLERC 1994
J150CXSNF 2002J150NXETR 1993J150WTLERV 1994
J150CXSOB 2005J150NXEUC 1997J150WTLETG 1993
J150CXSRM 2004J150NXEUE 1997J150WTLETS 1993
J150CXSSC 2000J150PLEES 1999J150WTXEOR 1995
J150CXSTA 2003J150PLEUC 1997J150WTXERC 1994
J150ELAIS 1991J150PLSDD 2006J150WTXERV 1994
J150ELANC 1992J150PLSIF 2001J150WTXETG 1993
J150ELARA 1994J150PLSNF 2002J150WTXETS 1993
J150ELARV 1994J150PLSOE 2005RJ150CXSSC 2000
J150ELATG 1993J150PLSRB 2004RJ150PLSIF 2001
J150ELATR 1993J150PLSSC 2000RJ150PLSSC 2000
J150ELECD 1998J150PLSTF 2003RJ150PXSSC 2000
J150ELEDB 1996J150PLSTM 2003RJ150VCSIF 2001
J150ELEIS 1991J150PXEES 1999RJ150VCSSS 2000
J150ELENC 1992J150PXSDD 2006RJ150VLSIF 2001
J150ELEOM 1995J150PXSNF 2002RJ150VLSSS 2000
J150ELERA 1994J150PXSOE 2005RJ150VXSIF 2001
J150ELERV 1994J150PXSRB 2004RJ150VXSSS 2000
J150ELETG 1993J150PXSSC 2000SJ150ELEDB 1996
J150ELETR 1993J150PXSTM 2003SJ150WTPLB 1996
J150ELEUC 1997J150SLECD 1998SJ150WTPLT 1997
J150ELEUE 1997J150SLEDB 1996SJ150WTPLT4 1997
J150EXARC 1994J150SLEOM 1995SJ150WTPLY 1998
J150EXARV 1994J150SLEUC 1997SJ150WTPXB 1996
J150EXATG 1993J150SLEUE 1997SJ150WTPXT 1997
J150EXATS 1993J150SPLEES 1999SJ150WTPXT4 1997
J150EXECD 1998J150SPLSSC 2000SJ150WTPXY 1998
J150EXEDB 1996J150STLACA 1988TJ150GLEIS 1991
J150EXEIS 1991J150STLCCA 1988TJ150GLENC 1992
J150EXENC 1992J150STLCDC 1986TJ150GLETG 1993
J150EXEOM 1995J150STLCEM 1989TJ150GLETR 1993
J150EXERA 1994J150STLCOH 1985TJ150SLCEM 1989
J150EXERV 1994J150STLCOS 1985TJ150SLEIE 1991
J150EXETG 1993J150STLCRD 1984TJ150SLESB 1990
J150EXETR 1993J150STLCTE 1983TJ150TXCEM 1989
J150EXEUC 1997J150STLCUR 1987VJ150ELANC 1992
J150EXEUE 1997J150STLEIE 1991VJ150ELATG 1993
J150FCXECR 1998J150STLESB 1990VJ150ELATR 1993
J150FSLECR 1998J150TLAEM 1989VJ150ELEIS 1991
J150FSXECR 1998J150TLAIE 1991VJ150ELENC 1992
J150GLECD 1998J150TLASB 1990VJ150ELETG 1993
J150GLEDB 1996J150TLCCA 1988VJ150ELETR 1993
J150GLEIS 1991J150TLCDC 1986VJ150EXEIS 1991
J150GLENC 1992J150TLCEM 1989VJ150EXENC 1992
J150GLEOM 1995J150TLCIA 1981VJ150EXETG 1993
J150GLERA 1994J150TLCIH 1981VJ150EXETR 1993
J150GLERV 1994J150TLCNM 1982VJ150GLEIS 1991
J150GLETG 1993J150TLCOS 1985VJ150GLETG 1993
J150GLETR 1993J150TLCRD 1984VJ150GLETR 1993
J150GLEUC 1997J150TLCSF 1980VJ150HLEOS 1995
J150GLEUE 1997J150TLCSR 1980VJ150SLEIE 1991
J150GLSDE 2006J150TLCTB 1983VJ150SLESB 1990
J150GLSOB 2005J150TLCTE 1983VJ150TLEIE 1991
J150GLSRM 2004J150TLCUR 1987VJ150TLESB 1990
J150GLSTA 2003J150TLEIE 1991VJ150TXEIE 1991
J150GLSTF 2003J150TLESB 1990VJ150TXESB 1990
J150GTLCUR 1987J150TXCCA 1988 

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