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15E74G 1974J15ELCCS 1988J15RLCEC 1989
15E74S 1974J15ELCDE 1986J15RLCIS 1981
15E75C 1975J15ELCEC 1989J15RLCNC 1982
15E76A 1976J15ELCOB 1985J15RLCOB 1985
15E76R 1976J15ELCRM 1984J15RLCRM 1984
15E77M 1977J15ELCSD 1980J15RLCSD 1980
15E78B 1978J15ELCTR 1983J15RLCTA 1983
15E79E 1979J15ELCUD 1987J15RLCTR 1983
15EL74G 1974J15ELECR 1998J15RLCUD 1987
15EL74S 1974J15ELEEA 1999J15RLECR 1998
15EL75C 1975J15ELEIA 1991J15RLEEA 1999
15EL76A 1976J15ELENM 1992J15RLEIA 1991
15EL76R 1976J15ELEOD 1995J15RLENM 1992
15EL77M 1977J15ELERE 1994J15RLEOD 1995
15EL78B 1978J15ELESR 1990J15RLERE 1994
15EL79E 1979J15ELETB 1993J15RLESR 1990
15R74G 1974J15ELEUC 1997J15RLETB 1993
15R74S 1974J15ELSIB 2001J15RLEUC 1997
15R75C 1975J15EVLSIC 2001J15RLSDR 2006
15R76A 1976J15FKEUA 1997J15RLSIB 2001
15R76R 1976J15FRECM 1998J15RLSOC 2005
15R77M 1977J15FRELECM 1998J15RLSRS 2004
15R78B 1978J15FRELEUA 1997J15RLSTD 2003
15R79E 1979J15FREOC 1995J15RLSUA 2007
15RL74G 1974J15FREUA 1997J15RSDR 2006
15RL74S 1974J15FRLECM 1998J15RSIB 2001
15RL75C 1975J15FRLEOC 1995J15RSOC 2005
15RL76A 1976J15FRLEUA 1997J15RSRS 2004
15RL76R 1976J15KEOC 1995J15RSTD 2003
15RL77M 1977J15R4SDM 2007J15RSUA 2007
15RL78B 1978J15R4SNF 2002J15RTSDC 2006
15RL79E 1979J15R4SOA 2005J15RTSOS 2005
BJ15FAEUA 1997J15R4SR 2004J15RTSUR 2007
BJ15FDLECM 1998J15R4STC 2003J15RVLSIC 2001
BJ15FDLEUA 1997J15R4SUB 2007J15RVSIC 2001
BJ15FKEUA 1997J15RCCS 1988J15TE4SDM 2006
BJ15FRELUA 1997J15RCDE 1986J15TE4SNF 2002
BJ15FREUA 1997J15RCEC 1989J15TE4SOA 2005
BJ15FWECA 1998J15RCIS 1981J15TE4SR 2004
BJ15FWEUR 1997J15RCNC 1982J15TE4STC 2003
BJ15FWLECA 1998J15RCOB 1985J15TE4SUB 2007
BJ15FWLEUR 1997J15RCRM 1984J15TEEEA 1999
BJ15RELEUC 1997J15RCSD 1980J15TEL4SDM 2006
HJ15KCF 1997J15RCTA 1983J15TEL4SNF 2002
HJ15KCLF 1997J15RCTR 1983J15TEL4SOA 2005
HJ15KCLO 1998J15RCUD 1987J15TEL4SR 2004
HJ15KCO 1998J15RECR 1998J15TEL4STC 2003
HJ15RPLW 1997J15REEA 1999J15TEL4SUB 2007
HJ15RPW 1997J15REIA 1991J15TELEEA 1999
J15DLEOC 1995J15RELECR 1998J15TELSIB 2001
J15ECCS 1988J15RELEIA 1991J15TESIB 2001
J15ECDE 1986J15RELENM 1992J15TVESIB 2001
J15ECEC 1989J15RELEOD 1995J15WREES 1999
J15ECIS 1981J15RELERE 1994J15WRLEES 1999
J15ECNC 1982J15RELESR 1990J15WRLSIR 2001
J15ECOB 1985J15RELETB 1993J15WRLSOB 2005
J15ECRM 1984J15RELEUC 1997J15WRLSRM 2004
J15ECSD 1980J15RENM 1992J15WRSIR 2001
J15ECTR 1983J15REOD 1995J15WRSOB 2005
J15ECUD 1987J15RERE 1994J15WRSRM 2004
J15EECR 1998J15RESR 1990SJ15BAECA 1998
J15EEIA 1991J15RETB 1993SJ15BAEEM 1999
J15EENM 1992J15REUC 1997SJ15BAEUR 1997
J15EEOD 1995J15RL4SDM 2006SJ15RPC 1998
J15EERE 1994J15RL4SNF 2002SJ15RPLC 1998
J15EESR 1990J15RL4SOA 2005SJ15RPLW 1997
J15EETB 1993J15RL4SR 2004SJ15RPW 1997
J15EEUC 1997J15RL4STC 2003SJ15RTEEM 1999
J15EL4SDC 2006J15RL4SUB 2007SJ15RTSIR 2001
J15EL4SOS 2005J15RLCCS 1988TJ15RLCEC 1989
J15EL4SUR 2007J15RLCDE 1986 

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