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25E72R 1972J25EETC 1993J25RWCUR 1987
25E73A 1973J25EEUB 1997J25RWEDC 1996
25E74M 1974J25EL4SDC 2006J25RWEIM 1991
25E75B 1975J25EL4SUR 2007J25RWENB 1992
25E76E 1976J25ELCCM 1988J25RWEOS 1995
25E77S 1977J25ELCDR 1986J25RWESA 1990
25E78C 1978J25ELCEB 1989J25RWETE 1993
25E79R 1979J25ELCIB 1981J25RWEUR 1997
25EL72R 1972J25ELCIM 1981J25RWK 1989
25EL73A 1973J25ELCNE 1982J25RWLCDC 1986
25EL74M 1974J25ELCOC 1985J25RWLCIM 1981
25EL75B 1975J25ELCRS 1984J25RWLCOS 1985
25EL76E 1976J25ELCTD 1983J25RWLCRD 1984
25EL77H 1977J25ELCUA 1987J25RWLCTE 1983
25EL77S 1977J25ELECE 1998J25RWLCUR 1987
25EL78C 1978J25ELEDM 1996J25RWLEDC 1996
25EL79R 1979J25ELEED 1999J25RWLEIM 1991
25R69B 1969J25ELEEN 1999J25RWLENB 1992
25R69D 1969J25ELEID 1991J25RWLEOS 1995
25R70C 1970J25ELENS 1992J25RWLESA 1990
25R70E 1970J25ELEOA 1995J25RWLETE 1993
25R71S 1971J25ELESE 1990J25RWLEUR 1997
25R72R 1972J25ELETC 1993J25RWLK 1989
25R73A 1973J25ELEUB 1997J25TE4SDC 2006
25R74M 1974J25ELSIC 2001J25TE4SUR 2007
25R75B 1975J25ELSNF 2002J25TECCA 1988
25R76E 1976J25ELSOB 2005J25TECDC 1986
25R77H 1977J25ELSRM 2004J25TECEM 1989
25R77S 1977J25ELSSS 2000J25TECIM 1981
25R78C 1978J25ELSTA 2003J25TECNB 1982
25R79R 1979J25ESIC 2001J25TECOS 1985
25RL69B 1969J25ESSS 2000J25TECRD 1984
25RL69D 1969J25EVLSIC 2001J25TECSA 1980
25RL70C 1970J25EVSIC 2001J25TECTE 1983
25RL70E 1970J25GTESOC 2005J25TECUR 1987
25RL71S 1971J25GTESRS 2004J25TEECB 1998
25RL72R 1972J25JRSIE 2001J25TEEDA 1996
25RL73A 1973J25JRSSB 2000J25TEEEE 1999
25RL74M 1974J25JRTSSS 2000J25TEEEN 1999
25RL75B 1975J25KLECA 1998J25TEEIE 1991
25RL76E 1976J25KLEDC 1996J25TEEND 1992
25RL77H 1977J25KLEUR 1997J25TEEOR 1995
25RL77S 1977J25PL3EEM 1999J25TEESB 1990
25RL78C 1978J25PL3SIE 2001J25TEETS 1993
25RL79R 1979J25PL3SSB 2000J25TEEUM 1997
BJ20SRLECB 1998J25PL4SOC 2005J25TEL3EEM 1999
BJ25ARECA 1998J25QLECA 1998J25TEL3SIE 2001
BJ25AREDC 1996J25QLEDC 1996J25TEL3SSB 2000
BJ25AREUR 1997J25QLEUR 1997J25TEL4SDC 2006
BJ25ARLECA 1998J25R3EEM 1999J25TEL4SOC 2005
BJ25ARLEDC 1996J25R3SIE 2001J25TEL4SUR 2007
BJ25ARLEUR 1997J25R3SSB 2000J25TELCCA 1988
BJ25BAEDR 1996J25R4SDC 2006J25TELCEM 1989
BJ25BAEUA 1997J25R4SUR 2007J25TELCIM 1981
BJ25BALECM 1998J25RCCA 1988J25TELCOS 1985
BJ25BALEDR 1996J25RCDC 1986J25TELCRD 1984
BJ25BALEUA 1997J25RCEM 1989J25TELCSA 1980
BJ25BREDC 1996J25RCIM 1981J25TELCTE 1983
BJ25BRLEDC 1996J25RCNB 1982J25TELCUR 1987
BJ25E4SDS 2006J25RCOS 1985J25TELECB 1998
BJ25E4SUC 2007J25RCRD 1984J25TELEDA 1996
BJ25EECE 1998J25RCSA 1980J25TELEEE 1999
BJ25EEDM 1996J25RCTE 1983J25TELEEN 1999
BJ25EEED 1999J25RCUR 1987J25TELEIE 1991
BJ25EEEN 1999J25RECB 1998J25TELEND 1992
BJ25EEUB 1997J25REDA 1996J25TELEOR 1995
BJ25EL4SDS 2006J25REEB 1999J25TELESB 1990
BJ25EL4SUC 2007J25REEN 1999J25TELETS 1993
BJ25ELECE 1998J25REIE 1991J25TELEUM 1997
BJ25ELEDM 1996J25RELCNB 1982J25TELSIS 2001
BJ25ELEED 1999J25REND 1992J25TELSNF 2002
BJ25ELEEN 1999J25REOR 1995J25TELSOM 2005
BJ25ELEUB 1997J25RESB 1990J25TELSRA 2004
BJ25ELSIC 2001J25RETS 1993J25TELSSD 2000
BJ25ELSSS 2000J25REUM 1997J25TESIS 2001
BJ25EREDC 1996J25RL3EEM 1999J25TESNF 2002
BJ25ERLEDC 1996J25RL3SIE 2001J25TESOM 2005
BJ25ESIC 2001J25RL3SSB 2000J25TESRA 2004
BJ25ESSS 2000J25RL4SDC 2006J25TESSD 2000
BJ25EVLSIC 2001J25RL4SUR 2007J25TESTR 2003
BJ25EVSIC 2001J25RLCCA 1988J25TKECA 1998
BJ25KECA 1998J25RLCDC 1986J25TKEDC 1996
BJ25KEDC 1996J25RLCEM 1989J25TKEUR 1997
BJ25KEUR 1997J25RLCIM 1981J25TKLECA 1998
BJ25KLECA 1998J25RLCNB 1982J25TKLEDC 1996
BJ25KLEDC 1996J25RLCOS 1985J25TKLEUR 1997
BJ25KLEUR 1997J25RLCRD 1984J25TVL3SIE 2001
BJ25PL3EEM 1999J25RLCSA 1980J25TVLSIS 2001
BJ25PL3SIE 2001J25RLCTE 1983J25TVSIS 2001
BJ25PL3SSB 2000J25RLCUR 1987J25VL3SIE 2001
BJ25QLECA 1998J25RLECB 1998J25WREEN 1999
BJ25QLEDC 1996J25RLEDA 1996J25WREES 1999
BJ25QLEUR 1997J25RLEEB 1999J25WRLEEN 1999
BJ25R4SDS 2006J25RLEEN 1999J25WRLEES 1999
BJ25R4SUC 2007J25RLEIE 1991J25WRLSIR 2001
BJ25RL4SDS 2006J25RLEND 1992J25WRLSOB 2005
BJ25RL4SUC 2007J25RLEOR 1995J25WRLSRM 2004
BJ25TE4SDS 2006J25RLESB 1990J25WRLSSC 2000
BJ25TE4SUC 2007J25RLETS 1993J25WRSIR 2001
BJ25TEL4SDS 2006J25RLEUM 1997J25WRSOB 2005
BJ25TL4SUC 2007J25RLSID 2001J25WRSRM 2004
BJ25VL3SIE 2001J25RLSNF 2002J25WRSSC 2000
D25RWA 1988J25RLSOA 2005J30RSIA 2001
D25RWLA 1988J25RLSRR 2004SJ25RDECA 1998
HJ25FPO 1996J25RLSSE 2000SJ25RDEDC 1996
HJ25FPV 1997J25RLSTC 2003SJ25RDEEM 1999
HJ25RAEDA 1996J25RMECA 1998SJ25RDEEMN 1999
HJ25RAEUM 1997J25RMEDC 1996SJ25RDEUR 1997
HJ25RLEDA 1996J25RMEUR 1997SJ25REDA 1996
HJ25RLSV 1997J25RMLECA 1998SJ25RLEDA 1996
HJ25RSLO 1996J25RMLEDC 1996SJ25RPLP 1998
HJ25TELEDA 1996J25RMLEUR 1997SJ25RPLV 1997
J25E4SDC 2006J25RSA 1981SJ25RPP 1998
J25E4SUR 2007J25RSID 2001SJ25RPV 1997
J25ECCM 1988J25RSLA 1981SJ25RTEEM 1999
J25ECDR 1986J25RSLS 1983SJ25RTSIE 2001
J25ECEB 1989J25RSNF 2002SJ25RTSSB 2000
J25ECIB 1981J25RSOA 2005SJ25TEEDA 1996
J25ECIM 1981J25RSRR 2004SJ25TEEUM 1997
J25ECNE 1982J25RSS 1983TJ25ELCEB 1989
J25ECOC 1985J25RSSE 2000TJ25ELEID 1991
J25ECRS 1984J25RSTC 2003TJ25ELENS 1992
J25ECTD 1983J25RTSOS 2005TJ25ELESE 1990
J25ECUA 1987J25RV3SIE 2001TJ25ELESF 1989
J25EECE 1998J25RVL3SIE 2001TJ25ELETC 1993
J25EEDM 1996J25RVLSID 2001VJ25ELEID 1991
J25EEED 1999J25RVSID 2001VJ25ELENS 1992
J25EEEN 1999J25RWCDC 1986VJ25ELESE 1990
J25EEID 1991J25RWCIM 1981VJ25ELETC 1993
J25EENS 1992J25RWCOS 1985VJ25REIE 1991
J25EEOA 1995J25RWCRD 1984VJ25RESB 1990
J25EESE 1990J25RWCTE 1983 

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