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BJ30BAECS 1998J30ELERM 1994J30RLSSR 2000
BJ30BAEDE 1996J30ELESS 1990J30RLSTB 2003
BJ30BAEEC 1999J30ELETA 1993J30RSNF 2002
BJ30BAEEN 1999J30ELEUD 1997J30RSOD 2005
BJ30BAEUD 1997J30ELSIA 2001J30RSRE 2004
BJ30BALECS 1998J30ELSNF 2002J30RSSR 2000
BJ30BALEDE 1996J30ELSOD 2005J30RSTB 2003
BJ30BALEUD 1997J30ELSRE 2004J30RVLSIA 2001
BJ30EECS 1998J30ELSSR 2000J30RVSIA 2001
BJ30EEDE 1996J30ELSTB 2003J30TECCE 1988
BJ30EEEC 1999J30ESIA 2001J30TECDM 1986
BJ30EEEN 1999J30ESSR 2000J30TECED 1989
BJ30EEUD 1997J30EVLSIA 2001J30TECOA 1985
BJ30ELECS 1998J30JREEM 1999J30TECUB 1987
BJ30ELEDE 1996J30JRSIE 2001J30TEECS 1998
BJ30ELEEC 1999J30JRSSB 2000J30TEEDE 1996
BJ30ELEEN 1999J30MLSRC 2004J30TEEIC 1991
BJ30ELEUD 1997J30MLSTS 2003J30TEENR 1992
BJ30ELSIA 2001J30PL4SDR 2006J30TEEOB 1995
BJ30ELSSR 2000J30PL4SOC 2005J30TEERM 1994
BJ30ESIA 2001J30PL4SRS 2004J30TEESS 1990
BJ30ESSR 2000J30PL4SUA 2007J30TEETA 1993
BJ30EVLSIA 2001J30RCCE 1988J30TEEUD 1997
BJ30EVSIA 2001J30RCDM 1986J30TEL4SDR 2006
HJ30REDE 1996J30RCED 1989J30TEL4SOC 2005
HJ30RLEDE 1996J30RCOA 1985J30TEL4SUA 2007
J30ECCE 1988J30RCUB 1987J30TELCCE 1988
J30ECDM 1986J30REDE 1996J30TELCDM 1986
J30ECED 1989J30REEC 1999J30TELCED 1989
J30ECOA 1985J30REEN 1999J30TELCOA 1985
J30ECRR 1984J30REIC 1991J30TELCUB 1987
J30ECUB 1987J30RENR 1992J30TELECS 1998
J30EECS 1998J30REOB 1995J30TELEDE 1996
J30EEDE 1996J30RERM 1994J30TELEIC 1991
J30EEEC 1999J30RESS 1990J30TELENR 1992
J30EEEN 1999J30RETA 1993J30TELEOB 1995
J30EEIC 1991J30REUD 1997J30TELERM 1994
J30EENR 1992J30RLCCE 1988J30TELESS 1990
J30EEOB 1995J30RLCDM 1986J30TELETA 1993
J30EERM 1994J30RLCED 1989J30TELEUD 1997
J30EESS 1990J30RLCOA 1985SJ30EEDE 1996
J30EETA 1993J30RLCUB 1987SJ30REDE 1996
J30EEUD 1997J30RLEDE 1996SJ30RLEDE 1996
J30ELCCE 1988J30RLEEC 1999SJ30TEEUD 1997
J30ELCDM 1986J30RLEEN 1999TJ30ELCED 1989
J30ELCED 1989J30RLEIC 1991TJ30ELESF 1989
J30ELCOA 1985J30RLENR 1992TJ30ELESS 1990
J30ELCRR 1984J30RLEOB 1995VJ30EEIC 1991
J30ELCUB 1987J30RLERM 1994VJ30EENR 1992
J30ELECS 1998J30RLESS 1990VJ30EESS 1990
J30ELEDE 1996J30RLETA 1993VJ30EETA 1993
J30ELEEC 1999J30RLEUD 1997VJ30ELEIC 1991
J30ELEEN 1999J30RLSIA 2001VJ30ELENR 1992
J30ELEIC 1991J30RLSNF 2002VJ30ELESS 1990
J30ELENR 1992J30RLSOD 2005VJ30ELETA 1993
J30ELEOB 1995J30RLSRE 2004 

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