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35E76G 1976BJ35PL3SIE 2001J35RENR 1992
35E76S 1976BJ35PL3SSB 2000J35RERM 1994
35E77C 1977BJ35QLECA 1998J35RESS 1990
35E77H 1977BJ35QLEDC 1996J35RETA 1993
35E78R 1978BJ35QLEUR 1997J35RL3EEM 1999
35E79A 1979BJ35VL3SIE 2001J35RL3SIE 2001
35EL76G 1976HJ35RMLEDC 1996J35RL3SSB 2000
35EL76S 1976HJ35RMLEUR 1997J35RLCCE 1988
35EL77C 1977J35AELCDE 1986J35RLCDM 1986
35EL77H 1977J35AELCUD 1987J35RLCED 1989
35EL78R 1978J35ARLCDE 1986J35RLCIG 1981
35EL79A 1979J35ARLCUD 1987J35RLCND 1982
35R76G 1976J35E3EEM 1999J35RLCRR 1984
35R76S 1976J35ECIG 1981J35RLCSM 1980
35R77C 1977J35ECND 1982J35RLCTS 1983
35R77H 1977J35ECRR 1984J35RLCUB 1987
35R78R 1978J35ECSM 1980J35RLEIC 1991
35R79A 1979J35ECTS 1983J35RLENR 1992
35RL76G 1976J35EL3EEM 1999J35RLERM 1994
35RL76S 1976J35ELCIG 1981J35RLESS 1990
35RL77C 1977J35ELCND 1982J35RLETA 1993
35RL77H 1977J35ELCRR 1984J35RMLEDC 1996
35RL78R 1978J35ELCSM 1980J35RMLEUR 1997
35RL79A 1979J35ELCTS 1983J35RV3SIE 2001
BJ35ARECR 1998J35KLECA 1998J35RVL3SIE 2001
BJ35AREDS 1996J35KLEDC 1996J35TEL3EEM 1999
BJ35AREEA 1999J35KLEUR 1997J35TEL3SIE 2001
BJ35ARLECR 1998J35PL3EEM 1999J35TEL3SSB 2000
BJ35ARLEDS 1996J35PL3SIE 2001J35TELCNB 1982
BJ35ARLEUC 1997J35PL3SSB 2000J35TELCRR 1984
BJ35E3EEM 1999J35QLECA 1998J35TELCTS 1983
BJ35E3SIE 2001J35QLEDC 1996J35TKLECA 1998
BJ35E3SSB 2000J35QLEUR 1997J35TKLEDC 1996
BJ35EL3EEM 1999J35R3EEM 1999J35TKLEUR 1997
BJ35EL3SIE 2001J35R3SIE 2001J35TVL3SIE 2001
BJ35EL3SSB 2000J35R3SSB 2000J35VL3SIE 2001
BJ35EV3SIE 2001J35RCCE 1988J50JEDS 1996
BJ35EVL3SIE 2001J35RCDM 1986J50JEIA 1991
BJ35KECA 1998J35RCED 1989J50JENJ 1992
BJ35KEDC 1996J35RCIG 1981J50JENM 1992
BJ35KEEM 1999J35RCND 1982J50JEOD 1995
BJ35KEUR 1997J35RCRR 1984J50JERE 1994
BJ35KLECA 1998J35RCSM 1980J50JEUC 1997
BJ35KLEDC 1996J35RCTS 1983SJ35REDE 1996
BJ35KLEUR 1997J35RCUB 1987SJ35RLEDE 1996
BJ35PL3EEM 1999J35REIC 1991 

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