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This little motor has big problems, right? Or maybe it just needs a little something you're going to bolt on this offseason. Whichever it is, has the Johnson 3 HP outboard parts you need to do the job right, and we've got them at some pretty sweet prices up to 80 percent of MSRP on OEM parts.

Check out our Johnson marine parts diagrams to find your parts. Everything here is OEM, so this the road map to restore this machine to factory spec. Use the diagrams to find your marts and also use them to help you get everything together once the parts show up at your door. And if you need a hand, give us a call or hit us on the chat, and we'll help you find the Johnson outboard motor parts you need to get running like a champ. So grab your parts on the site, and we'll grab them off the shelves and get them on their way to you.