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40E69R 1969J40JPLSSR 2000J40TLCUD 1987
40E70A 1970J40JVLSIA 2001J40TLECR 1998
40E71B 1971J40PL4SDE 2006J40TLEDS 1996
40E71G 1971J40PL4SNF 2002J40TLEIA 1991
40E72E 1972J40PL4SOB 2005J40TLENJ 1992
40E73D 1973J40PL4SRM 2004J40TLENM 1992
40E74S 1974J40PL4STC 2003J40TLEOD 1995
40E75C 1975J40PLEEA 1999J40TLERE 1994
40E76A 1976J40PLSIF 2001J40TLESR 1990
40E76R 1976J40PLSNF 2002J40TLETB 1993
40EL69R 1969J40PLSOC 2005J40TLETF 1993
40EL70A 1970J40PLSRS 2004J40TLEUC 1997
40EL71B 1971J40PLSSM 2000J40TPLEEA 1999
40EL71G 1971J40PLSTD 2003J40TPLSIF 2001
40EL72E 1972J40RCCS 1988J40TPLSSM 2000
40EL73D 1973J40RCDE 1986J40TTLCCS 1988
40EL74S 1974J40RCEC 1989J40TTLCEC 1989
40EL75C 1975J40RCOB 1985J40TTLECR 1998
40EL76A 1976J40RCRM 1984J40TTLEDS 1996
40EL76R 1976J40RCUD 1987J40TTLEIA 1991
40ES69R 1969J40RECR 1998J40TTLENM 1992
40ES70A 1970J40REDS 1996J40TTLEOD 1995
40ESL69R 1969J40REEA 1999J40TTLERE 1994
40ESL70A 1970J40REIA 1991J40TTLESR 1990
40R69R 1969J40RENM 1992J40TTLETB 1993
40R70A 1970J40REOD 1995J40TTLETF 1993
40R71B 1971J40RERE 1994J40TTLEUC 1997
40R71G 1971J40RESR 1990J40WRLEES 1999
40R72E 1972J40RETB 1993J40WRLSIR 2001
40R73D 1973J40REUC 1997J40WRLSSC 2000
40R74S 1974J40RLCCS 1988J40WRSIR 2001
40R75C 1975J40RLCDE 1986J40WRSSC 2000
40R76A 1976J40RLCEC 1989J40WRYEES 1999
40R76R 1976J40RLCOB 1985J40WRYSIR 2001
40RL69R 1969J40RLCRM 1984J40WRYSSC 2000
40RL70A 1970J40RLCUD 1987RD-30A 1968
40RL71B 1971J40RLECR 1998RD-30D 1968
40RL71G 1971J40RLEDS 1996RD-30S 1968
40RL72E 1972J40RLEEA 1999RDL-30A 1968
40RL73D 1973J40RLEIA 1991RDL-30D 1968
40RL74S 1974J40RLENM 1992RDL-30S 1968
40RL75C 1975J40RLEOD 1995RDS-30A 1968
40RL76A 1976J40RLERE 1994RDS-30C 1968
40RL76R 1976J40RLESR 1990RDS-30D 1968
BJ40EECR 1998J40RLETB 1993RDS-30S 1968
BJ40EEDS 1996J40RLEUC 1997RDSL-30A 1968
BJ40EEEA 1999J40RLSIF 2001RDSL-30C 1968
BJ40ELECR 1998J40RLSNF 2002RDSL-30D 1968
BJ40ELEDS 1996J40RLSOC 2005RDSL-30S 1968
BJ40ELEEA 1999J40RLSRS 2004RK-30A 1968
BJ40ELEUC 1997J40RLSSM 2000RK-30C 1968
BJ40ELSIF 2001J40RLSTD 2003RK-30D 1968
BJ40ELSSM 2000J40RSIF 2001RKL-30A 1968
BJ40ESIF 2001J40RSLR 1983RKL-30C 1968
BJ40ESSM 2000J40RSNF 2002RKL-30D 1968
BJ40PL4SDR 2006J40RSOC 2005SJ40EEDS 1996
BJ40PL4SOC 2005J40RSR 1983SJ40REDS 1996
BJ40PL4SRS 2004J40RSRS 2004SJ40RLEDS 1996
BJ40PLEEA 1999J40RSSM 2000SJ40RPB 1997
BJ40PLSIF 2001J40RSTD 2003SJ40RPH 1996
BJ40PLSSM 2000J40RWCDB 1986SJ40RPLB 1997
BJ40TLECR 1998J40RWCOM 1985SJ40RPLH 1996
BJ40TLEDS 1996J40RWCRA 1984SJ40RPLT2 1998
BJ40TLEUC 1997J40RWCTR 1983SJ40RPT2 1998
HJ40REDS 1996J40RWLCDB 1986SJ40RPYB 1997
HJ40REUC 1997J40RWLCOM 1985SJ40RPYH 1996
HJ40RLEDS 1996J40RWLCRA 1984SJ40RPYT2 1998
HJ40RLEUC 1997J40RWLCTR 1983SJ40RSLD 1997
J40AELCCS 1988J40TECCS 1988SJ40RSLR 1998
J40ARLCCS 1988J40TECDE 1986SJ40RSLZ 1996
J40ATLCCS 1988J40TECEC 1989TJ40ELCEC 1989
J40ECCS 1988J40TECOB 1985TJ40ELEIA 1991
J40ECDE 1986J40TECRM 1984TJ40ELENJ 1992
J40ECEC 1989J40TECUD 1987TJ40ELENM 1992
J40ECOB 1985J40TEECR 1998TJ40ELESF 1990
J40ECRM 1984J40TEEDS 1996TJ40ELESR 1990
J40ECUD 1987J40TEEIA 1991TJ40ELETB 1993
J40EEIA 1991J40TEENJ 1992TJ40TELESF 1990
J40EENJ 1992J40TEENM 1992TJ40TELESR 1990
J40EENM 1992J40TEEOD 1995VJ40EEIA 1991
J40EEOD 1995J40TEERE 1994VJ40EENJ 1992
J40EERE 1994J40TEESR 1990VJ40EENM 1992
J40EESR 1990J40TEETB 1993VJ40EESR 1990
J40EETB 1993J40TEEUC 1997VJ40EETB 1993
J40ELCCS 1988J40TELCCS 1988VJ40ELEIA 1991
J40ELCDE 1986J40TELCDE 1986VJ40ELENJ 1992
J40ELCEC 1989J40TELCEC 1989VJ40ELENM 1992
J40ELCOB 1985J40TELCOB 1985VJ40ELESR 1990
J40ELCRM 1984J40TELCRM 1984VJ40ELETB 1993
J40ELCUD 1987J40TELECR 1998VJ40TELEIA 1991
J40ELECR 1998J40TELEDS 1996VJ40TELENJ 1992
J40ELEDS 1996J40TELEIA 1991VJ40TELENM 1992
J40ELEIA 1991J40TELENJ 1992VJ40TELESR 1990
J40ELENJ 1992J40TELENM 1992VJ40TELETB 1993
J40ELENM 1992J40TELEOD 1995VJ40TLEIA 1991
J40ELEOD 1995J40TELERE 1994VJ40TLENJ 1992
J40ELERE 1994J40TELESR 1990VJ40TLENM 1992
J40ELESR 1990J40TELETB 1993VJ40TLESR 1990
J40ELETB 1993J40TELEUC 1997VJ40TLETB 1993
J40ELEUC 1997J40TLCCS 1988VJ40TLETF 1993
J40JPLEEC 1999J40TLCDE 1986 
J40JPLSIA 2001J40TLCEC 1989 

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