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50ES71S 1971J50BEENM 1992J50TELEIA 1991
50ES72C 1972J50BEEOD 1995J50TELENM 1992
50ES73R 1973J50BEERE 1994J50TELEOD 1995
50ES74M 1974J50BEESR 1990J50TELERE 1994
50ES75B 1975J50BEETB 1993J50TELESR 1990
50ESL71S 1971J50BELCCS 1988J50TELETB 1993
50ESL72C 1972J50BELCDE 1986J50TLCCS 1988
50ESL73R 1973J50BELCEC 1989J50TLCDE 1986
50ESL74M 1974J50BELCIC 1981J50TLCEC 1989
50ESL75B 1975J50BELCNR 1982J50TLCOB 1985
50R72C 1972J50BELCOB 1985J50TLCRM 1984
50R73R 1973J50BELCRM 1984J50TLCUD 1987
50RL72C 1972J50BELCTA 1983J50TLECR 1998
50RL73R 1973J50BELCUD 1987J50TLEDS 1996
50RL79C 1979J50BELEIA 1991J50TLEIA 1991
BJ50BEEDS 1996J50BELENJ 1992J50TLENJ 1992
BJ50BELEDS 1996J50BELENM 1992J50TLENM 1992
BJ50DTLEDC 1996J50BELEOD 1995J50TLEOD 1995
BJ50DTLEUR 1997J50BELERE 1994J50TLERE 1994
BJ50EEER 1999J50BELESR 1990J50TLESR 1990
BJ50ELEER 1999J50BELETB 1993J50TLETB 1993
BJ50ELSIF 2001J50DTLECA 1998J50TLETF 1993
BJ50ELSSA 2000J50DTLEDC 1996J50TLEUC 1997
BJ50ESECC 1998J50DTLEOS 1995J50TSLECC 1998
BJ50ESIF 2001J50DTLEUR 1997J50TSLEUS 1997
BJ50ESSA 2000J50ECSR 1980J50TTLECA 1998
BJ50PL4SOC 2005J50ELED 1996J50TTLEOS 1995
BJ50PL4SRS 2004J50ELEER 1999J50TTLEUR 1997
BJ50PLEEA 1999J50ELEOS 1995J70JLEOS 1995
BJ50PLSIF 2001J50ELEUR 1997RJ50ELSIF 2001
BJ50PLSSM 2000J50ELSIF 2001TJ50TLCEC 1989
BJ50RLECR 1998J50ELSSA 2000TJ50TLESF 1989
BJ50RLEEA 1999J50ESLECC 1998TJ50TLESF 1990
BJ50RLEUC 1997J50ESLEUR 1997TJ50TLESR 1990
BJ50RLSSM 2000J50PL4SNF 2002VJ50BEENJ 1992
BJ50TLECR 1998J50PL4SOB 2005VJ50BEENM 1992
BJ50TLEDS 1996J50PL4SRM 2004VJ50BEESR 1990
BJ50TLEUC 1997J50PL4STC 2003VJ50BEETB 1993
J40WREES 1999J50PLSNF 2002VJ50BELENM 1992
J50BECCS 1988J50PLSOC 2005VJ50BELESR 1990
J50BECDE 1986J50PLSRS 2004VJ50BELETB 1993
J50BECEC 1989J50PLSSM 2000VJ50TELENM 1992
J50BECIC 1981J50PLSTD 2003VJ50TLEIA 1991
J50BECNR 1982J50TELCCS 1988VJ50TLENJ 1992
J50BECOB 1985J50TELCDE 1986VJ50TLENM 1992
J50BECRM 1984J50TELCEC 1989VJ50TLESR 1990
J50BECTA 1983J50TELCOB 1985VJ50TLETB 1993
J50BECUD 1987J50TELCRM 1984VJ50TLETF 1993
J50BEEIA 1991J50TELCTA 1983X50ESLECC 1998
J50BEENJ 1992J50TELCUD 1987 

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