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That old 1968 Johnson outboard that's been gathering dust under a tarp in your garage is something pretty special. There aren't many outboards dating back to the 1960's out there any more, and although your 1969 motor won't win any races if you can get it running again, it will be one of the rarest and definitely the coolest outboard on the water. That's reason enough to get it fix up and fired up.

Repairing older outboards is usually easier than working on modern motors because they have less tricky technology to deal with. A good old pull starter, no fancy fuel injection and solid, honest-to-goodness engineering. You can fix this and we have the OEM Johnson parts that will enable you to do it. carries thousands of genuine Johnson outboard motor parts for every model from every year of production from 1968 until the last Johnson was produced in 2007. Browse our huge online inventory to find the parts for your motor by selecting its year and model number on our website. Make the most of the deep discounts we apply to all our OEM Johnson marine parts and check out or shipping policy to see how your order can ship for free! We are the #1 source for 1968 Johnson outboard parts.