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When a new outboard breaks there's often little advance warning, but older models like your 1974 Johnson motor there's usually a few hints that something is amiss before a complete failure occurs. It could be more smoke than normal, a metallic grinding sound from the transmission or the engine refusing to run cleanly. When your old outboard starts giving your these signs it's time to correct the problem before it's too late, and that means disassembling the problem component and replacing the worn or broken parts causing the issues.

You're in the right place for 1974 Johnson outboard parts. This page lists all the Johnson motors manufactured that year and by choosing your model number you'll be taken to the parts page containing all the OEM Johnson parts for that exact engine. There will be no guessing or hoping the part will fit your outboard, by buying OEM you know the parts will fit like a glove.

We discount all our OEM Johnson marine parts up to 80% below retail and offer free shipping on qualifying orders. We also ship your order right to your door for added convenience. When you need OEM parts for your Johnson outboard motor make you first choice.