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Your 1976-era Johnson 25 hp outboard has finally spluttered to a halt and is refusing to fire up again. Now you've got to decide whether it'd be better to sell it off for junk and buy a new one, or get a few replacement parts and fix it. It's your choice, but when you consider that a brand new 25 hp Evinrude outboard (Johnson was acquired by BRP Evinrude in 2001) will cost you $5,000 or more, depending on the specs. On the other hand some replacement OEM Johnson parts to repair the old outboard may only cost you $100 or so. That's a pretty substantial amount of cash you'd be saving right there!

If you do decide to repair and restore your old Johnson you're in the right place because we stock thousands of 1976 Johnson outboard parts. Choose your outboard's model from the list on this page to find all the OEM Johnson outboard motor parts you could need to get your old outboard running like new again. If you have questions or need help finding your parts, call us or use the Live Chat button and one of our expert technicians will help hook you up with the parts you're looking for. Start shopping now!