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So your old 60 hp Johnson outboard from 1978 has finally broken down out and you're left scratching your head trying to figure out whether it's worth repairing or if you should just sell it for scrap and buy yourself a new outboard. Well, first take a look at the numbers: a brand new Evinrude 60 hp outboard (Johnson was taken over by BRP Evinrude in 2001) is going to cost you at least $7,500, probably more, while a bunch of replacement OEM Johnson outboard parts will cost a tiny fraction of that. Even if your old out board has a ton of things wrong with it that need major component purchases, it's unlikely you'd have to spend more than $1,000 and probably a lot less. That's a savings of at least $6,500! So which would you prefer: new outboard or repaired old outboard running like new PLUS $6,500 still in the bank?

If you shop for Johnson marine parts at you'll save even more because we discount all our OEM Johnson parts by up to 80% below retail! Yes even our OEM parts for Johnson outboards built in 1978 of which we stock thousands carry these ultra-discounted prices. Throw in free shipping on all qualifying orders and you have yourself the parts to rebuild your old Johnson outboard for an absolute bargain!