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Your old 1980 Johnson outboard has lasted you this long, but even with the best will in the world you have to admit it's pretty old now and there is a slight chance something could go wrong with it and stop it form running. That's bad enough when you're still on dry land, but if it happens when you're out on the water... To minimize the risk of a failure in your old outboard always fit genuine Johnson parts when you service or repair it. Aftermarket parts are fine for cosmetic stuff, but when it comes to the mechanical side of things, only OEM Johnson parts bring the manufacturing quality, durability and longevity you want from replacement parts. carries a huge stock of genuine Johnson marine parts for outboards of all ages, including your fine old 1980 example. Just click on your outboard's model number from the list on this page to find all the OEM parts you could possibly need to keep your Johnson outboard running like a champ. Thus far we've fulfilled over 3 million orders for folks like you who want to keep their outboards, personal watercraft, motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs in prime condition, so we know we can help you out too. Shop now and enjoy free shipping on all qualifying orders within the United States and fast shipping to over 120 countries worldwide.