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Your little Johnson 9.9 hp outboard has been there for you for more years than you care to remember. It was never the biggest outboard back in 1983 when it was originally manufactured, and by today's standards it's tiny compared to the 300+ hp open water engines, but that was never your thing. You like to get to your favorite fishing places without making a wake and scaring away the fish. Beside, your 9.9 hp Johnson is small enough to use as a trolling motor once you find a spot where they're biting. Regularly service your 1984 Johnson outboard and it should still be getting you to where the fish are at for many more years to come.

The best way to service your outboard is to always use genuine Johnson marine parts every time you work on it. With OEM Johnson parts you get the build quality and durability that an aftermarket part can't match. But where can you find OEM parts for a 9.9hp Johnson outboard originally manufactured back in 1983? The answer is right here at! We specialize in carrying thousands of OEM parts for Johnson outboard motors. You'll love our discount prices on all our OEM parts and the free shipping on qualifying orders. If you need 1983 Johnson marine parts and accessories make your #1 choice.