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Although you've cared for your old Johnson outboard for many years now, never missing a scheduled service always changing the oil when the owner manual told you to, something has finally broken and put it out of commission. Fixing it is going to need a bit more than the spark plugs and fuel filters you usually need to maintain your outboard, but where will you get replacement parts for a 1991 Johnson motor these days? Seeing as you're already here we're guessing you know the answer is at We carry the largest stock of genuine 1991 Johnson outboard parts, from the everyday essentials like water pump kits and transmission oils and lubes, to parts and components for repairing serious mechanical failures, such as pistons and crankshafts.

All our OEM Johnson parts are discounted as low as 80% below MSRP and come with our unbeatable price match guarantee! We also offer free shipping on all qualifying orders, as well as international shipping to over 120 countries worldwide. Having fulfilled over 3 million orders thus far, we are one of the most trusted sources for Johnson marine parts. Start browsing our huge Johnson outboard motor parts online catalog to find the genuine OEM parts that will restore your outboard to its former glory.