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Nothing is sadder in life than an outboard that won't run. It should be out on the water getting your boat up on plane, not sat gathering dust in your garage with you thinking about selling it for junk in the local classified ads. You'd be surprised how easy it is to get an old Johnson outboard up and running again, even if you don't consider yourself to be that skilled at mechanics. With a few basic tools, an hour or two of spare time and some OEM Johnson outboard motor parts you should be able to coax your old outboard back into life and get it skipping across the waves again without too much difficulty.

We can't help you with the tools or the time, but we can help you with the OEM parts. At Boat's net we carry the largest stock of genuine Johnson marine parts for every model of outboard from every year of manufacture, including your old 1998-era Johnson motor. Just select your outboard's model number from the list on this page to be taken to the parts page for that exact model. From there you can browse the components and stock up on heavily discounted OEM Johnson parts.