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If your hole shot has turned to sh*t and your time to plane is measured in minutes not seconds, you have a bit of a problem and it's probably your Johnson outboard. There's not much else pushing your boat through the water so if your boat doesn't have the speed it once did, the first thing to take a look at is the motor.

Old spark plugs that have become oiled up, fuel lines full of water because the fuel filter hasn't been replaced in forever and old gear case lube that is long overdue draining and changing will all sap your outboard's power, as will any worn or broken parts and components. At we stock all the Johnson outboard motor parts needed to service and repair your engine. And while you have your Johnson out of the water take a look at the prop. If the blades are worn or damaged that will slow you down in the water and the prop will also need replacing. Don't worry, we have hundreds of propellers too, and you'll find one with the exact size and pitch on our website.

Our huge stock of 2005 Johnson outboard parts include OEM parts for every outboard BRP Johnson manufactured that year. Just select your motor's model number from the list above to find the Johnson marine parts page for your exact outboard.