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Unlike the motor in your car or truck that can go a year or more between services, your Johnson outboard motor needs far more frequent maintenance. Skip a scheduled service to try and save a bit of money and the engine and its components will wear out far faster, which will cost you a lot more to fix in the future. Regularly draining and changing the lube and replacing any worn or fatigued parts with OEM parts for Johnson outboard motors will keep your outboard running cleanly and reliably for years to come.

Why use OEM Johnson parts and not aftermarket? Because aftermarket parts don't have the manufacturing quality that BRP Johnson engineers into all of its OEM parts. This quality ensures your Johnson marine parts will be reliable and therefore your outboard will be reliable. stocks thousands of genuine 2006 Johnson outboard parts for every model and specification of Johnson outboard produced in that year. You'll find everything from a Johnson outboard ignition switch to replacement decals for the motor, and because we discount all our Johnson outboard motor parts by as much as 80% you'll be paying the lowest prices possible. Just select your outboard's model number from this page and you'll find all the parts for your Johnson outboard motor you could possibly need.